Creative Freedom

The Creative Freedom Model

Creativity is all about freedom—both the presence and absence of it. 

In fact, life itself is largely about how we navigate and negotiate our freedoms.


Have you ever thought the following?

“I could be a great painter if only I had the right materials”

“I could be a great violinist if only I had the time to practice”

“I could be a great writer if only my boss would let me write stories that matter”


Take a moment to consider what would need to change in your life for you to feel more creatively free. Would you need a dedicated office? Someone to babysit your kids? A more supportive partner or group of friends?

Chances are, the stumbling block(s) you’ve identified relate to one or more of the following freedoms:

  • Physical freedom
  • Temporal freedom
  • Mental freedom

At creatementality you will develop the daily artistic, economic and strategic practices to overcome such stumbling blocks and create:

what you want (physical freedom), 

when you want (temporal freedom), and 

how you want to (mental freedom).

Join us on the pathway to creative freedom!