Creative Freedom Weekly Planner

8 Steps for Putting Your Plan into Action

You only get good at the things you practice. And you will only get out of the hole you are in if you take action and make changes in your life.

The following exercise gives you a framework upon which to plan your path to creative freedom.

Getting Started

Print this blank weekly planner [print blank planner]

Start with instant gut feelings. Don’t overthink your answers. The whole exercise should only take 20 minutes to complete.

Step 1: How Creative Do I Feel?

This question sets the tone for the rest of the session. It is helpful to be aware of your energy levels and creative capacity before you start. This provides a benchmark to gauge your progress.

You will get the best outcomes if you are relaxed, happy and optimistic about your future. But even if you are not feeling 100%, by the end of this exercise you will feel a lot better.

How Free Do I Feel?

The main purpose of running this exercise is to evaluate your sense of freedom and make sure you do things to improve your situation.

If you are able to increase your freedom, even if it is only a thought, you will build up the courage and confidence to make your plans happen.

Step 2: How Would I Rate My Sense of Physical Freedom?

Did I have the space and tools to practice my art this week?

If not what was lacking?

Step 3: How Would I Rate my Sense of Temporal Freedom?

What type of practices and activities did I spend my time on this week?

Am I happy with the balance?

Step 4: How Would I Rate My Sense of Mental Freedom?

What was occupying my mind this week?

What Will I Do Next?

Now it is time to make some plans.

The main purpose of running this part of the exercise is to ensure that your daily practices deliver the outcomes you need.

Remember that it is through repeated daily practice that we gain mastery over our art and achieve our big picture goals.

Step 5: What Would I Like to Achieve This Week?

Focus on things that will really help you on your path to creative freedom.

You could begin this by doing a mindsweep of everything that is drawing on your attention and energy. This helps to clear the mind.

Then describe in a simple sentence or two what goals you have for the upcoming week.

It helps to think about what you want to be experiencing in the future; and therefore what will be the most important and effective things you could do in the following week to really improve your situation.

Step 6: Which Artistic Practices Can I Prioritize this Week to Achieve My Goals

In this course we put our artistic and creative practices first. So they do not get overshadowed or sidelined by life’s other demands. You will never gain mastery over your art unless you make this commitment.

First principle: I get my art done each day and worry about everything else after that. Even if it means I have to get up at 5 am and spend the first two hours painting, drawing, writing, creating.

Source: A Day in the Life of a Free Creative

The most effective daily routine is arranged so that your artistic practices (A) are supported by your strategic practices (S) and economic (E). And there is a synergy between the three.

Creative Freedom Model [See the model explained]

Step 7: Which Strategic Practices Can I Prioritize this Week to Achieve My Goals

Here you must think of the strategic things you must do this week to make your goals happen. For example: what you will need to learn; what systems you will need to put into place; what tools or resources you will need to acquire. This is where you make sure you are sharpening the saw: learning, thinking, and reflecting. 

Step 8: Which Economic Practices Can I Prioritize this Week to Achieve My Goals

Living a moderate lifestyle takes more time and effort than the traditional extravagant one we are leaving behind. This means you will have to be prepared to factor in practices such as: finding bargains, selling or weeding out things you don’t need, learning how to manage your finances, checking your expenses and so on.

Your portfolio (your possessions, investments, assets and education) is going to need continual attention to grow and stay healthy.

How Free Do I Feel Now?

Hopefully, at the end of this process you are feeling like you have achieved something. Encouraged to move ahead with your plans.

Print your poster out and put it in a prominent place to remind you of what your need to achieve this week.

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