Portfolio = your possessions, investments, assets and education.

Leather portfolio with a laptop inside

In the design world a portfolio is what a designer puts together to demonstrate their work and their skills. It used to be an impressive leather bound case with a golden zip, containing sheets of paper with pictures, drawings and designs. Now it is also digital.

As designers go along they earmark pieces of work for inclusion in their portfolio. “Oh, I really enjoyed making this and I am proud of how it turned out—so it’s going into my portfolio.”

At some point they will go to the trouble of printing it out or marking it up for presentation purposes. This is a commitment to the future. It assumes that future employers and clients will want to see it. That it will be relevant for future interviews and sales pitches. Which, in a way, determines which potential employers and clients will get to see it. There is a subliminal decision being made about where their career is headed, based on what they have most liked doing.

In the world of finance a portfolio is the total holding of securities, commercial paper, etc., of an investor.

Both the design and the investment portfolios are very fluid. They are always changing. They both require continual trimming, tweaking and reevaluation.

A portfolio is also the office or post of a minister of government. And is sometimes used to describe a range of duties or work for a range of employers.

At creatementality portfolio means all these things. Think of it as the kit of skills, resources, assets and knowledge that you are developing to keep your edge. To increase your mastery.

Your portfolio contains the things that really matter—those things into which you invest your time, energy and hopes for the future.

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