This Course

Most courses are linear in nature. But the Creative Freedom model is designed to represent our three-dimensional reality.

Everyone will approach it from a different starting point.

Think back to the issues you identified as getting in the way of your creative freedom.

Maybe you’ve retired from a day job that required high levels of strategic planning, but you want to become more artistic.

Maybe you’re a practicing artist already, but you want to learn how to manage your finances to reduce your economic woes.

Or perhaps you have a few skills in each of these areas – or you feel like you want to start from scratch.

None of these are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways, and everyone’s path to creative freedom will be unique. So, you should feel free to begin by engaging with whatever topics jump out to you.

If you’re not sure where to begin, we recommend experimenting with each of the practices in turn. Start with Strategic Practices. This is one of the two foundations of the model, and developing your strategic skills first will help you get the most out of the other areas.

Next, you might like to move on to Economic Practices, the second foundational set of skills. This will allow you deal with the remainder of your obstacles (or, as we’ll call them, ‘life-lies’).

With this platform in place, you might like to work on your Artistic Practices.

Once you have these practices in place, additional materials deal with each of the freedoms. Moving anti-clockwise around the model, assess your sense of Temporal Freedom. This foundational freedom is, in our experience, the most common worry of creatives.

Next, take a look at Physical Freedom, perhaps the second most common issue.

Having diagnosed each of these freedoms, last, examine your Mental Freedom. While this freedom is perhaps the least often discussed, in our experience, it’s often the final stumbling block for many creatives. Here, you’ll deal with those issues related to your intellectual and emotional freedoms. We’ll also examine issues masquerading as concerns about finding the time or space to do your art, but which are actually mental freedom issues.

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