Your Path to Creative Freedom

The Creative Freedom Model provides a simple overview of our philosophy. Its design represents your path to creative freedom, as well as a method of targeting your goals. It’s worth spending a few minutes to become familiar with the ways of reading this image.

The Creative Freedom Model

One way of reading the diagram is along its axes. Reading the diagram from bottom-to-top illustrates the importance of each of the elements. Meanwhile, reading it from left-to-right represents a typical journey along the creative path.

Artistic practices are at the top of the diagram. The desired outcome is art, and the continual development of artistic skills.

Strategic practices are on the leftmost side. This is your first step on the journey to freedom. Engaging with this course is an important part of developing your strategic practices. You’ll enhance your skills in goal setting, research, and time management. And, these strategies will help you get the most out of the other areas in this model.

Economic practices are on the rightmost side. The final foundation required to develop your Artistic Practices. Without organisation and a reliable income, finding time to devote to your craft will be hard.

Temporal freedom, a result of Strategic and Economic practices, is at the bottom. It, too, is fundamental to the development of your Artistic Practices. The link between time-on-task and artistic skill has long been evident. A lack of time is one of the most frequent complaints creatives have.

Mental freedom results from developing both Artistic and Strategic Practices. It’s decoupled from and has no overlap with the Economic Practices sphere. To make unbiased, uncompromised decisions about your creative expression, this is vital.

Physical freedom is set at the intersection between Artistic and Economic Practices. This is in recognition of the fact that our art has value. But, not all valuable resources must have a price tag attached.

Targeting Your Goal

Another way of understanding the diagram is as a target.

The outer ring comprises the processes we need to undertake to get to the centre: Artistic, Economic, and Strategic Practices.

The next ring consists of the freedoms we achieve as a result of combining two of these practices at a time: Physical, Temporal, and Mental Freedoms.

And in the centre is the ultimate goal. The one we achieve when all three of those practices, and all three of those freedoms, combine in balance: being a Free Creative.

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